Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kathy Ireland named world's richest supermodel

Kathy Ireland is more than just a pretty face. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition bikini babe has turned into quite the business woman and has recently been named the world's richest supermodel, this according to Celebrity Networth.
The 48-year-old Ireland is now worth approximately $350 million. This stems from her diverse business interests which includes designing and licensing products such as furniture, rugs and flooring. In the process, Kathy Ireland Worldwide has developed a $2 billion business.

If this wasn't shocking enough, it turns out that Ireland's business is worth more than that of the domestic diva herself - Martha Stewart. In terms of net worth, she's also well ahead of Giselle Bundchen ($250 million) and Cindy Crawford ($100 million).

Not bad for someone who, by her own admission, barely graduated high school.

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